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Hollywood Flub-Ups: watering the unconscious

In this repeating column, I will explain how Hollywood (and various TV mini-series and shows) get it all too wrong. Our first culprit: Legend of the Seeker (and yes, I know it sucks. Bare with me here) The great wizard, … Continue reading

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Special Topic: Death in Childbirth *long post*

Death during childbirth is an oft-used ploy in fiction. If done convincingly, it can add an intensity of tension, emotion, and tragedy to a story that few other events can, probably because the death of a mother and/or child is … Continue reading

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VISION: Written in Blood

A few years back, before I had this wonderful blog as a place to dump all my writerly nursing advice and medical error pet peeves, I wrote an article for a great little e-zine called Vision: A Resource for Writers. … Continue reading

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