Hollywood Flub-Ups: watering the unconscious

In this repeating column, I will explain how Hollywood (and various TV mini-series and shows) get it all too wrong.

Our first culprit: Legend of the Seeker (and yes, I know it sucks. Bare with me here)

The great wizard, Zedd (left), has been struck by an underworld creature and is unconscious. His trusty companions Kahlan and Richard (right) are sitting around worrying about him. Kahlan tilts a canteen of some liquid, presumably water, into Zedd’s mouth while complaining that “his breathing is getting worse.”

OK, OK. I know you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out where they went wrong on this one. People tend to breathe worse when you are drowning them.

For the love of Pete and all his Pete-like friends, please folks, do not have your characters pouring liquids into unconscious companions (unless they are secretly trying to kill said companions). Aspiration pneumonia or drowning is the much more likely outcome of that than oh, keeping the person well hydrated.

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