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Cut-Throat Old Ladies

How much strength dose it take to cut a throat? Can an old lady do it? I’ll be honest. When I got this question in my inbox, I thought to myself, ‘how should I know’? And then I thought ‘how … Continue reading

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Food Poisoning 101

My character ate some fish that’s gone more than a little bad. Now what? As with almost everything in writing, the answer is – that depends. Food poisoning can be caused by any of over 250 substances (bacteria, parasites, fungi, … Continue reading

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Animal Attacks

So your character is wandering along, minding his own business when out of nowhere a vicious creature leaps on him intent on lunch. The intrepid hero manages to fight the beast off, or perhaps the plucky heroine rescues him for … Continue reading

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Excuses, excuses… And a list of what’s to come

My apologies, guys, for the little Muse Med hiatus. I’ve been dealing with some real life health problems over the last couple of months and it sort of got away from me. But! I’ve gotten a little back-log of questions … Continue reading

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