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I'm a NICU nurse and lactation counselor, currently on hiatus to pursue a PhD in nursing which focuses on the development of health across the lifespan. I write books, articles, and blogs in between my duties as mom, wife, and student. I own a tool belt, and I'm not afraid to use it.

Life and Stuff

Well, it does happen, doesn’t it? Life and all that. Apparently it’s gotten away from everybody working on this project. So. Without further adieu, I am announcing the closure of this site. I’ll keep the archives because I do still get … Continue reading

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Welcome Catruth!

What do veterinary surgery, Celtic mythology, and paragliding have in common? Why, our newest contributor, Catruth, of course! Catruth is a veterinary surgeon who qualified in 2006. She currently works in a small mixed practice in the West of Scotland, … Continue reading

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Oh, the Humanity

Ever wonder what makes us human? Some people point to self-awareness and intelligence.  Dolphins might get a chuckle out of that one.  Some people think that it’s our DNA.Yet scientists estimate that 5-8% of the human genome is composed of … Continue reading

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Our new collaborators: Kasey Mackenzie Kasey Mackenzie is a published author and certified paralegal with over 10 years of experience in the legal field, most recently working for a large, multi-practice law firm in St. Louis, Missouri. She possesses a Master’s … Continue reading

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Exciting Changes

So I’ve been maintaining this blog as my health and time allow for a couple of years now. I looked back over the statistics and realized that despite my health hiatuses and extended periods of forgetting this place exists over … Continue reading

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