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Well, it does happen, doesn’t it? Life and all that. Apparently it’s gotten away from everybody working on this project. So. Without further adieu, I am announcing the closure of this site. I’ll keep the archives because I do still get questions from time to time and still don’t mind answering them, but unfortunately, I’m just too busy right now to really do the depth of research required for these types of posts. Which doesn’t mean I won’t be making them sometimes. I’m a glutton for punishment, after all. I’ll just be posting them at my primary blog The Write Life from now on. If you land here and are looking for more recent posts, check there under the tag for Muse Medicine.

Thanks for reading, folks, and don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions that need answers.

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Welcome Catruth!

What do veterinary surgery, Celtic mythology, and paragliding have in common?

Why, our newest contributor, Catruth, of course!

Catruth is a veterinary surgeon who qualified in 2006. She currently works in a small mixed practice in the West of Scotland, seeing a bit of everything. Fantasy and mystery are her favourite genre to write, and she is currently a bit surprised by a couple of stories that have turned into horror. She can answer questions about animal husbandry, animal diseases and general physiology. Outside of her professional expertise, she has a good working knowledge of Celtic mythos and life as it was and is in rural Scotland, and has dabbled in sports as diverse as paragliding, trampolining and triathlon.

Catruth is available to answer questions, so send ’em if you got ’em.

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Oh, the Humanity

Ever wonder what makes us human?

Some people point to self-awareness and intelligence. 

Dolphins might get a chuckle out of that one.
 Some people think that it’s our DNA.Yet scientists estimate that 5-8% of the human genome is composed of endogenous (or in-born) retroviruses. That means the slippery little viruses jammed themselves on the end of a strand of our ancestors’ DNA at some point in our murky past and literally became part of us.

Heck, even our mitochondria – the indispensable organelles that replicate identically along the female line of the species – were once invading bacteria that formed a symbiosis with early single-celled organisms and moved into the cell because, hey, the ‘fridge is full in there.

Maybe it’s our emotions, nay, even our souls! 

Except when you consider that bacteria have been found to create neurotransmitters that alter human emotional response, influence their environment (even when that environment is us), and are hypothesized to be the intelligence behind the design of complex life as we know it.


… what defines us is our melting-pot nature. Just like the English language, human beings have absorbed, modified at need, and utilized all sorts of extraneous parts. You say croissant, I say welcome bacterial overlords!

Just a little food for thought. Happy Weekend!

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