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Cautery Basics

A question hit my inbox recently regarding cautery. If you’ve never heard the term before, cautery (aka cauterization) means the intentional burning or scarring of tissue as a means to: Stop blood loss and seal blood vessels Sever tissue (for … Continue reading

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Quicky: Medicinal Uses of Bees

Short post here (believe it or not). So I was talking to some writer friends today about the medicinal properties of honey. Yep, good old honey. Not the mostly-corn syrup crap they try to pass off as honey in the … Continue reading

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The Body Electric

Question came up in one of the writer’s chats I visit yesterday: What would happen if a major jolt of electricity passed through the brain? A major jolt passing through the brain wouldn’t be dissimilar to passing a major jolt … Continue reading

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If a character gets an overdose of pain meds, what will modern medicine do for him?

Pain medications are classified as narcotic or non-narcotic. There are numerous drugs in each class. Non-narcotic pain meds are often used for purposes other than just pain relief. There are also quite a few drugs out there used to help … Continue reading

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