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Poisonous Hemlock vs. My Hemlock Fence

So I’m building a fence. Like any reasonably savvy consumer, I did a little Google-fu magic and figured out exactly what I wanted, then called around town and scheduled a half-dozen people to come out from different companies to give … Continue reading

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Alcoholism: Long-term Effects and Withdrawal

So your character has a habit. A bad habit. And of course, writing fiction is all about making the characters day a little more difficult. What better time to go cold turkey off the booze than the middle of an … Continue reading

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If a character gets an overdose of pain meds, what will modern medicine do for him?

Pain medications are classified as narcotic or non-narcotic. There are numerous drugs in each class. Non-narcotic pain meds are often used for purposes other than just pain relief. There are also quite a few drugs out there used to help … Continue reading

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