About Muse Medicine

As a nursing student and then a critical care RN, and as someone who enjoys researching just for the sake of learning, Arizela quickly became a valuable asset to her writing buddies at NaNoWriMo.org and Forward Motion. A lot of stories rely heavily on the author’s knowledge of various medical problems – from broken bones to Multiple Sclerosis.

After spending several years answering medical realism, pregnancy, childbirth, infant-care, and human A&P questions for my writing pals, she decided to create a place where writers can go to get realism information.

Muse Medicine quickly became not only an author Q&A site, but also a place for Ari to get her geek on about things that might spark a little inspiration – famines, plagues, endemic disease, and more.

And now, the site is evolving again, this time into a broad umbrella for specialized topics, not just those of medical expertise. A great panel of guest contributors has agreed to share their valuable time with us, dear reader, to answer questions and post on topics ranging from law to IT security, from veterinary surgery to astrophysics.

As Muse Medicine continues to grow and change, we are always open to suggestions for how to keep this site more relevant and engaging to authors of all stripes. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments!

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